Who We Are

SPARTA stands as a beacon for transgender individuals who currently serve or have served in the U.S. military. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, independent of the Department of Defense (DoD), our mission is clear: to support, educate, and advocate.

Open to all transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces, SPARTA further extends support communities for the families, veterans, and allies of transgender service members.


Support: Provide unparalleled peer support and mentoring to bolster personal resilience, excellence in service, mission readiness, and retention among transgender service members.

Education: Proactively educate commanders, legislators, fellow service members, and the public about transgender service concerns, best practices, and the benefits of a diverse and representative military.

Advocacy: Champion the rights of transgender service members to serve openly, authentically, and in alignment with their affirming gender.

Our Board:

SPARTA’s Board of Directors(BoD) is comprised of active duty, reserve, and veteran transgender service members and is responsible for the day to day operations and strategic planning of the organization. Directors are also responsible for supervising the various committees necessary to the successful completion of the SPARTA mission; these include: Advocacy, Development, Communication, Legal, and Membership.

SPARTA Board Members:

SPARTA Chapter Leaders:

  • Air & Space Force Chapter Leaders:
    • Aylanna Anderson (USAF)
    • Sabrina Bruce (USSF)
    • Zoey Lemon (USAF)
  • Army Chapter Leader:
    • Mason Cereo (USA)
    • Robin Nelson (USA)
  • Marine Corps Chapter Leader:
    • Nathan Casey (USMC)
  • Navy/NOAA Chapter Leaders:
    • Sam Rodriguez (USN)
    • Zoe Rose (USN)
    • Christine Davis (USN)
  • Coast Guard Chapter Leader:
    • Dax Burgrabe (USCG)
    • Trey Wirth (USCG)
  • Veterans Chapter Leader:
    • Tierza Hayes (USA-R)
  • Future Warriors Chapter Leaders:
    • Nick Wright (USA)
    • Logan Ireland (USAF)

SPARTA Volunteers & Staff Teams:

  • Attorney-Advisor: Deirdre Anne Hendrick
  • IT Services and Cyber Security: Kara Zajac
  • SPARTA Membership Committee
  • SPARTA Communications Team
  • SPARTA Research Team
  • SPARTA Design Team

Emeritus/Past Presidents:

Commitment to Serve - Stories of SPARTA

The Commitment to Serve series highlights some of the amazing stories of our members.

SPARTA Values:

SPARTA is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring the rights and opportunities of all transgender service members and aspiring transgender recruits are protected.

SPARTA is committed to equal opportunity for all service members regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.

SPARTA will educate key stakeholders and the public about issues that impact transgender military service.

SPARTA collaborates with other LGBT advocacy organizations to promote an inclusive military environment that values the contributions of all Americans with the desire to serve.*

SPARTA Legal Documents


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