About Us

Who we are:

SPART*A is a group of LGBT people who currently serve or have served in the military. Membership is open to transgender (to include non-binary and gender-nonconforming) individuals currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. We also offer smaller groups for families of transgender service members, veterans, and allies.


SPART*A’s mission is to advocate for our actively serving transgender military members, veterans, and their families. SPART*A provides our members with a peer support network, assistance in navigating military transgender policy and health care, and educational resources for their professional development. SPART*A actively coordinates and collaborates with other LGBT advocacy organizations to promote an inclusive military environment that values the contributions of all Americans with the desire to serve.

Our Boards:

SPART*A’s Board of Directors(BoD) is comprised of active duty, reserve, and veteran transgender service members and is responsible for the day to day operations and strategic planning of the organization. Meet our Board Members below.

SPART*A Values:

SPART*A is a nonpartisan, inclusive, member-based organization that is committed to ensuring the rights of all LGBT service members, veterans, and their families are protected.

SPART*A is committed to equal opportunity for all service members regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.

SPART*A will educate key stakeholders and the public about issues that impact LGBT service members, veterans and their families in order to continue accomplishing our mission of strengthening the culture of inclusion and diversity within the United States military.*

SPART*A Legal Documents

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