Alleria Stanley

Alleria Stanley is a 20-year retired member of the United States military. She is transgender herself and a mother to two transgender children. A combat veteran with a military career in the medical field, her efforts have been tireless to care for her patients and fellow Servicemembers.

As a mother of five, she has been a strong advocate for children and families throughout her career. As a caregiver at home and a leader at work, situations consistently present themselves for her to nurture and problem-solve those for whom she cares and is responsible.

Through her work with advocacy organizations such as SPARTA, her efforts are consistent towards improving the lives of the LGBTQ+ members of the military community – be they the Servicemembers themselves or their Families.

Post-retirement, Alleria is focused on continuing her work in LGBTQ+ advocacy with a focus on the military community. She is working tirelessly to advance the causes of LGBTQ+, particularly transgender members of the military, their families, and veterans.

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