Amanda Fisher Joins SPART*A Board; New Staff Added

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today SPART*A, the nation’s leading transgender military service organization, announces Amanda as our new Director of Community Relations. Amanda will work to build bridges with other civil rights focused organizations and individuals. SPARTA understands the power of collective action and intersectional identities and is fully committed to supporting all who value our constitutional ideals. We will gladly work together to expand opportunities for all Americans.

Amanda has been a member of SPART*A since 2015 and this is her first formal role with the organization. She's been on active duty in the US Coast Guard since 2003, holds the rank of Commander, and is currently stationed in Seattle, Washington. A designated Cutterman, she has held two commands, afloat and ashore, and served aboard 5 ships, including a patrol boat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.    

“I’ve experienced first hand how the incredible people and leadership of this organization have helped me and many others through the very turbulent waters of transitioning while serving in a fraught policy environment," said Fisher." As the fight for open service continues, I feel honored to have a chance to give back by applying my skillset in liaison work and communications."

SPART*A also announces a significant expansion of its volunteer staff to better support the internal organization. Sparta has added members to the membership and mentorship teams, stood up a communications and design team, and added a fitness lead and legal advisor. SPART*A thanks the many volunteers who dedicate countless hours to ensuring transgender service members feel supported and have access to critical information as they navigate constantly changing policies.    

Additional information about the SPARTA Board is available on our website. Questions or requests for further information should be directed to

SPART*A Welcomes New Staff!
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