Bursting With PRIDE

June brings with it many wonderful feelings - definite warmth, outdoor activities, and for many, vacations.
For a growing part of our society, it also means one very special thing:


PRIDE month commemorates the Stonewall Inn riots in June 1969.  Over the years, it has grown. Grown to be more inclusive. Grown to be more welcoming. And grown more visible.

This is particularly noticeable in our military! With the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in 2011 and the lifting of the ban on transgender service in June 2016 (and again in January 2021), members of the LGBTQIA+ community who serve in the military have embraced the ability to be 'out'.

We've seen the PRIDE celebrations grow in vibrancy, diversity, and across the force. On ships, Army posts, Air Force bases, Marine Corps camps, and now even Space Force bases, units and individuals celebrate PRIDE.

SPARTA looks forward to sharing this month of PRIDE with all of our community - our members, our allies, our fellow Servicemembers, our Families.

The rainbow colors will no doubt be visible in many places throughout June. We hold those colors in our hearts as our PRIDE bursts forth - each color including a part of the community.

Happy PRIDE!

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Waynesville, MO
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