Code Of Conduct

The SPARTA Code of Conduct

At its core, the SPARTA community is a support group and we recognize the pressures and stressors impacting our members.  As such, many of our members come to the group, or find themselves, in a vulnerable state and may be particularly sensitive to the words and actions of others.  Everyone is responsible for maintaining a safe, welcoming environment that is respectful, encouraging, and supportive.  We strive to provide camaraderie and value to our members and hope that all of you will help protect and defend the group.  We encourage participants to speak freely and express their opinions openly – but tactfully.  To that end, all members will strive to follow the code presented here.

1. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of group members.

2. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

3. No defamatory, offensive, or violent language or content.

4. Comments that discriminate or perpetuate hate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation (or another characteristic) are not appropriate.

5. Personal attacks are not acceptable.  When challenging an opinion, challenge the point and not the person.

6. No research requests, selling, or solicitation (to include but not limited to) sales of any kind, financial asks, or “cruising” unless sanctioned by leadership.

7. Respect privacy.  Do not break confidence with, or share private information from, a fellow Spartan without their explicit permission unless you believe someone’s life is at risk.

If you feel a post is inappropriate or could be construed as a personal attack, message an admin.

General advice

  • It can be difficult to communicate intent over the internet. Please bear this in mind.
  • Remember, advice and experiences from your fellow Spartans are extremely valuable, but you should always seek legal or medical counsel from a professional before making critical decisions
  • When commenting on a sensitive subject please consider how your comment may be interpreted.
  • It may be better to withdraw from a discussion if your emotions are running high. Know your limits!
  • If you have breached the code of conduct, it may be appropriate to apologize to those concerned.
  • If you only want responses from a certain set of people please preface your question with the intended recipients.  Examples: For those of you on T…, For leadership…, For people in the guard…

Warnings/ Disciplinary Action

If an individual does not abide by this code of conduct, this may result in disciplinary action being taken against them. Generally, the corrective action will be education instead of discipline.  However, action can be taken entirely at the discretion of leadership and may include, depending on the severity of the offence, any of the following:

  • A Private message to the individual explaining why their actions have broken the code of conduct and, if applicable, how they can avoid doing this in the future
  • A post/comment being deleted.
  • A comment being made on a thread from an admin outlining that a comment is inappropriate
  • For more serious breaches, A member being banned/ blocked from the FB group and prevented from rejoining
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