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Looking for support and community?

We offer several specialized communities for trans-identifying individuals on both Facebook and Discord (Coming soon). As the needs and rules of each of these groups are very different we keep them separate to minimize confusion and maximize their utility to members.

For Active/Reserve-Duty Service members:

Our private Facebook group, which boasts 1500+ service members from all branches and across the spectrum of trans identities is the best place to find inclusive peer support and help navigating transition while serving. All potential members are encouraged to apply via:

For Veterans

For Future Warriors

If you are joining the military, we have a group for you too:

NOTE: Please be sure to answer all questions and agree to the Code of Conduct. We take the safety and privacy of our members extremely seriously. After applying, a member of our staff will reach out via messenger to ensure this is the right group for you and subsequently help you onboard. If you have questions before applying, please reach out at:

Questions and Inquiries?

We are dedicated to open communication. If you have a question or a media inquiry, please contact us at:

Want to do research on transgender military service? Please review our Research Page or Contact:

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