MMN1(SS) Vivian Jaquith Recognized by Commodore Reiss

On 29 April 2022, Captain Daniel J. Reiss, Commodore, Submarine Squadron TWO based at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME, recognized Machinist’s Mate (Nuclear) 1st Class Vivian Jaquith with a commander’s coin of excellence.

Upon completion of a Quality Assurance Program Audit, it was determined that the squadron’s quality assurance program was one of the best for the submarines in the Atlantic Fleet MMN1(SS) Jaquith serves as the Assistant Quality Assurance Officer for Submarine Squadron TWO and is recognized for her technical rigor and superb attention to detail.

In recognition of this distinction, CAPT Reiss presented MMN1(SS) Jacquith with his commander’s coin of excellence.

SPARTA is pleased to acknowledge continued excellence by our members throughout the military services. Transgender servicepersons contribute to the diversity, lethality, and professionalism of our military daily throughout all ranks and positions in all branches. Their enduring commitment to excellence in service reflects greatly upon themselves and all transgender servicepersons.

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Waynesville, MO
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