Keishaun Lowery joins SPARTA Board as Membership Director

WASHINGTON D.C. – SPARTA, the nation’s leading transgender military service organization, is proud to announce our newest member of the Board of Directors, Keishaun Lowery, who will be joining us as SPARTA's Membership Director. After previously serving on the Membership Committee, Keishaun now hopes to build on that experience, creating authentic relationships within the SPARTA community while making himself available to all members.

"Every morning I wake up thinking: how can I serve others today? I believe that gratitude is best displayed through servitude and serving others is not new to me. I want to help individuals who find themselves restricted by discriminatory practices and policies. Service Members have served the American People and I want to serve those who I consider to be the top 1% of America’s Hero’s"

Keishaun has been a member of SPARTA since March 2020, and he has served in a variety of assignments of increasing influence, responsibility and trust during his tenure in the Army including in Operations and as an installation Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers President.

"I’m excited to serve SPARTA’s members using the skills that I’ve developed through training and assignments as an Equal Opportunity Leader, Master Resiliency Trainer, and Suicide Intervention Trainer. I think these trainings specifically have equipped me with the necessary skills and techniques to care for SPARTA’s members."

Keishaun currently lives with his wife, the love of his life, their six year old daughter, and their Great Danes, Seven and Stormie.

Additional information about SPARTA's mission is available on our website. Questions or requests for further information should be directed to

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LeAnne Withrow (she/her) serves as a Staff Sgt. In the Illinois National Guard, as well as the Communications Director for SPART*A, and as an Equal Opportunity Specialist for the ILNG
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