SPART*A In the News

08 June 2015 "The First Out TransgenderActive Duty U.S. Army Officer: "My Story Is Not Unique'" - BUZZFEED ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "US air force: being transgender is no longer grounds for discharge" - THE GUARDIAN ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Air Force takes step toward standardizing treatment of transgender troops" - THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Transgender airman buoyed by new Air Force Policy" - AIR FORCE TIMES ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Air Force Takes A Big Step Toward Allowing Transgender Service" - BUZZFEED ARTICLE

04 June 2015 " 'Transgender, at War and in Love,' NY Times doc profiles trans service members" - GLAAD ARTICLE

04 June 2015 "Air Force raises discharge authority for trans separations" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

04 June 2015 "UPDATE: White House walks back flip flop on trans military ban" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

01 November 2013 "Gay Rights Groups Praise Hagel's Stance on 'Rogue' Guard Officials" - STARS AND STRIPES ARTICLE

31 October 2013 "Coast Guard Enacts Pro-Gay Non-Discrimination Policy" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

29 October 2013 "Transgender Google Auto-Complete Photo Essay" - HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE

20 September 2013 "Chelsea Manning and Transgender Service" - MILITARY ASSOCIATION OF ATHEISTS AND FREETHINKERS

16 September 2013 "We're Not Astroturf: Why Open Trans Military Service is a Worthy Fight" - HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE

04 September 2013 "Same Sex Couples Deemed Eligible for Veterans Benefits" - NBC NEWS ARTICLE

03 September 2013 "Texas National Guard Withholding Spousal Benefits for Gay Troops" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

23 August 2013 "Trans Treason" - SLATE ARTICLE

23 August 2013 "Chelsea Manning and Being Transgender in the Military" - FORBES ARTICLE

24 July 2013 "New Group For LGBT Service Members Forms" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

24 July 2013 "North Carolinians at Helm of New LGBT Military Group" - QNOTES ARTICLE

23 July 2013 "Trans Group Hopes New Campaign Group Can Help End Transphobic Military Ban" - PINK NEWS ARTICLE

23 July 2013 "Transgender Chapter Leaves OutServe-SLDN, Helps Form New Organization: SPART*A" - DAILY KOS ARTICLE

22 July 2013 "Transgender Group Leaves OutServe-SLDN, Joins Startup Group SPART*A" - ADVOCATE ARTICLE

22 July 2013 "SPART*A, New Group For LGBT Service Members and Veterans Launches" - THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT ARTICLE