SPARTA In the News

31 March 2021 "Trans troops, recruits celebrate new Pentagon rule allowing them to serve openly" PBS Article

31 March 2021 "Reversing Trump, Pentagon releases new transgender policies" Military Times Article

31 March 2021 "Trans Troops Can Now Serve Freely And Get Gender-Affirming Medical Care" BuzzFeed Article

25 Jan 2021 "Biden Repeals Trump's Ban On Transgender Soldiers" - NPR Article

15 May 2020 "US Navy Grants Waiver To Transgender Military Member" - Metro Weekly

13 Mar 2019 "5 Thing You Need To Know About DoD's New Policy On Military Service By Transgender Persons" - DOD Article

26 Mar 2018 "Transgender Air Force Officer On Trump's Ban And His Supportive Fellow Troops" - NPR ARTICLE AND AUDIO

26 Mar 2018 "Trump’s transgender military ban is stressing out deployed soldiers" - VICE NEWS ARTICLE AND VIDEO

14 Mar 2018 "‘TransMilitary’ Is the LGBT Advocacy Film Middle America Needs to See" - TEXAS OBSERVER

9 Mar 2018 "As Trump’s ban plays out in court, America’s first openly transgender recruits are joining the military" - PBS ARTICLE

27 Aug 2017 "Transgender Service Members Walk MTV VMAs Red Carpet as Trump Moves Forward with Military Ban" - PEOPLE

2 Aug 2017 "'Betrayal: Transgender Troops React to Trump's Ban" - VANITY FAIR

08 June 2015 "The First Out TransgenderActive Duty U.S. Army Officer: "My Story Is Not Unique'" - BUZZFEED ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "US air force: being transgender is no longer grounds for discharge" - THE GUARDIAN ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Air Force takes step toward standardizing treatment of transgender troops" - THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Transgender airman buoyed by new Air Force Policy" - AIR FORCE TIMES ARTICLE

05 June 2015 "Air Force Takes A Big Step Toward Allowing Transgender Service" - BUZZFEED ARTICLE

04 June 2015 " 'Transgender, at War and in Love,' NY Times doc profiles trans service members" - GLAAD ARTICLE

04 June 2015 "Air Force raises discharge authority for trans separations" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

04 June 2015 "UPDATE: White House walks back flip flop on trans military ban" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

01 November 2013 "Gay Rights Groups Praise Hagel's Stance on 'Rogue' Guard Officials" - STARS AND STRIPES ARTICLE

31 October 2013 "Coast Guard Enacts Pro-Gay Non-Discrimination Policy" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

29 October 2013 "Transgender Google Auto-Complete Photo Essay" - HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE

20 September 2013 "Chelsea Manning and Transgender Service" - MILITARY ASSOCIATION OF ATHEISTS AND FREETHINKERS

16 September 2013 "We're Not Astroturf: Why Open Trans Military Service is a Worthy Fight" - HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE

04 September 2013 "Same Sex Couples Deemed Eligible for Veterans Benefits" - NBC NEWS ARTICLE

03 September 2013 "Texas National Guard Withholding Spousal Benefits for Gay Troops" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

23 August 2013 "Trans Treason" - SLATE ARTICLE

23 August 2013 "Chelsea Manning and Being Transgender in the Military" - FORBES ARTICLE

24 July 2013 "New Group For LGBT Service Members Forms" - WASHINGTON BLADE ARTICLE

24 July 2013 "North Carolinians at Helm of New LGBT Military Group" - QNOTES ARTICLE

23 July 2013 "Trans Group Hopes New Campaign Group Can Help End Transphobic Military Ban" - PINK NEWS ARTICLE

23 July 2013 "Transgender Chapter Leaves OutServe-SLDN, Helps Form New Organization: SPART*A" - DAILY KOS ARTICLE

22 July 2013 "Transgender Group Leaves OutServe-SLDN, Joins Startup Group SPART*A" - ADVOCATE ARTICLE

22 July 2013 "SPART*A, New Group For LGBT Service Members and Veterans Launches" - THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT ARTICLE

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