SPART*A Statement on Pentagon Announcement

SPART*A applauds the decision today to ensure the Pentagon moves forward with transgender accessions. As you talk to your friends who may need a little more information there are some important notes to understand with regards to how this policy works

  1. It will not be easy. The policy is not unlike our 18 allies that allow trans people to join.

  2. If you join prior to any diagnosis of gender dysphoria, you will be entitled to necessary medical treatment like any other service member. This is the current policy on how we treat transgender service members.

  3. For a person already undergoing treatment, they must be complete in order to have gender dysphoria waived. Meaning they require no other surgical interventions and are in maintenance mode (HRT only). They must be considered "stable in gender" for 18 months. Or 18 months past the last surgical intervention and have legal documentation changed (name and gender).

  4. No one will be allowed to join in order to get transition covered after they have already started to transition.

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