SPARTA announces new leadership

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today SPART*A, the nation’s leading transgender military service organization, announced Emma Shinn as the new Board Chair and President of the organization.  Emma has been on the Board of Directors since Dec 2018 and served as the Director of Community Relations.  She is a Captain in the Marine Corps and a Judge Advocate with prior experience as an enlisted infantry platoon sergeant.  Emma enlisted in 1994 and was temporarily retired from active duty in 2014. Her return to active duty is imminent and long awaited.  The previous president, Lieutenant Commander Blake Dremann will remain on the Board of Directors and serve as Treasurer of the organization.  

“On behalf of the nearly 1,000 members of SPART*A, I am honored to step into the very large shoes of Blake Dremann, who has served our Nation in uniform for over 13 years and as SPART*A Board Chair for nearly three years. Thank you, Blake, for your continued service!” stated Shinn.  She continued “I am excited and humbled to lead SPART*A.  Our members are the best of what our Nation has to offer: dedicated, capable, and qualified individuals. We ask nothing more than to serve our Nation as our authentic selves.”  

Serving through the tumultuous time between the announcement of open service, the presidential tweets, and the policy and court battles that led to a ban on transgender service being put back in place, LCDR Dremann kept a steady hand on the tiller of the organization.  Blake ensured the membership was well informed at all times while taking meaningful steps to educate the nation’s public and lawmakers on the value of transgender service, culminating in an appearance to testify in front of the House Armed Services Committee.    

As Dremann’s time at the head of SPART*A came to an end he stated that “It has been my honor to lead this amazing organization. I have full confidence that Emma will take the reins and continue to lead the fight for open transgender service taking the organization to the next level.”  

Asked about her goals, Shinn remarked “SPART*A remains committed to demonstrating that open trans service is a force multiplier which adds to military readiness, morale, and unit cohesion. We stand ready, willing, and able to meet any challenge while protecting the rights of all transgender service members and their families.”  

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