Sparta Speaks Out!

Are you or your organization looking for a speaker on diversity and inclusion, transgender issues, leadership, or military topics for your event?  Even better, are you looking for a perspective that combines all of them?  If so, SPART*A has some compelling stories to share and some incredible speakers to share them.

We at SPART*A are always happy to talk about the amazing things transgender individuals have done while serving in the military and also the challenges they face.  That discussion can easily tie together issues of diversity and inclusion, overcoming adversity, and a commitment to serve something greater than ourselves.  

SPART*A speakers have testified before Congress, appeared on all major US networks, the BBC, and many other international news outlets.  They've participated in local and national conferences, educational events, pride ceremonies, and military events.  They are available to travel or to speak via video or teleconferencing.

SPART*A's speakers come from enlisted and officer ranks, are from all service branches, and cover most military specialties.    

If you need a speaker for your event, please contact us at or via our Facebook page at

We look forward to working with you!

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